The Best Cities to Live with Roommates

Living with roommates has its many perks, especially when you find your ideal roommate on Urble, but is it always worth it? The answer depends on where you live. Sure, you may want to live with a roommate because you don’t want to go it alone in the big city, but sometimes living with two instead of one can be a world of savings. The real question is, just how much does having a roommate (or roommates!) really save us? In some cities in America it may cost you more to live with a roommate than going solo. Surprisingly, sharing an address with your star-crossed lover in a one-bedroom apartment may actually cost you more than a two-bedroom with a roommate. However, in other cities, you can be pocketing a sweet savings of more than $10,000 a year, roughly translating into a savings of 50% of your rent. We’re going to look at average rents in the top 100 US cities compiled from data by RentMetrics.

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The Best Cities to Live with a Roommate in a 2-Bedroom Apartment

The average savings pocketed when switching from a studio to a two-bedroom with a roommate is 26% per year, or $255 dollars per month or $3,060 a year. Having a roommate in New York City can save you a whopping $7,240 a year over living in a studio. The least financially sound city for a living with a roommate is Little Rock, AK, where the average two-bedroom apartment will actually set you back more per bedroom than a nice studio with your dog, Sparky.

Best Cities for a Two-Bedroom Apartment

Cities Average Yearly Savings
1 New York, NY $7,200
2 Pasadena, CA $5,600
3 Irvine, CA $5,400
4 Anaheim, CA $5,200
5 Portland, OR $4,700
6 Nashville, TN $4,600
7 Fremont, CA $4,500
8 Virginia Beach, VA $4,400
9 Atlanta, GA $4,300
10 Norfolk, VA $4,200

Living with Two Roommates in a 3-Bedroom

Having a third roommate in some cities ushers in a world of savings—even more than living with a roommate in a 2-bedroom apartment. Take having a roommate in San Francisco for example, where having one roommate will only save you $921 on average. Living with two roommates in San Francisco, on the other hand, will save each roommate a staggering $5,320 a year. Not too shabby. The same goes for living with a roommate in Boston, where you could save $1,719 a year by living with one roommate. If you take on two roommates, however, you could save a colossal $6,780 a year!

Best Cities for a Three-Bedroom Apartment

Cities Average Yearly Savings
1 New York, NY $11,700
2 Jersey City, NJ $8,900
3 Washington, DC $8,800
4 Pasadena, CA $8,700
5 Irvine, CA $7,500
6 Boston, MA $6,800
7 Cambridge, MA $6,700
8 Fremont, CA $6,600
9 Baltimore, MD $6,600
10 Anaheim, CA $6,400

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Living with a Roommate in New York City

We already said that living with a roommate in New York City, roommate Mecca of the world is the cost effective way to go, but living with two roommates is even better. If you live with two roommates in NYC, you could each save a jaw-dropping $11,700 a year over a studio! If you’re still scraping by in a cramped studio in New York City, stop reading this and find a third roommate on Urble. Just think of the life upgrade you’ll be getting. Of course, if you’re in a serious relationship in NYC, it may be time to consider moving in together—sharing a studio could save you $10,200 a year in rent.