Guinea Pig Pet for Apartment

Top 10 Cutest Pets for Your Apartment

Of course you want a cute pet for your apartment! Why wouldn’t you want an adorable little friend to bring some life into your pad? Research over the past 25 years has even proven that having a pet can improve your health. And just because you live with a roommate in an apartment doesn’t mean you’ll have to forego these pieces of adorableness!

On this top 10 list of the cutest pets for apartments (in no particular order), we’ll skip past the cats and dogs (we’ll save them for their own dedicated top 10 lists!) and go straight to the most cutest little bundles of joy that will work in your apartment. For bonus points, consider adopting one from a local animal shelter.

1. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs Running

These guys are so cute, how could you resist? Their small size makes them ideal for an apartment and they’re lovable and playful. Guinea Pigs come in a few different colors, can have long or short hair, and weigh around 3lbs (1.36kg). You’ll need to keep their litter clean and groom them regularly. Guinea Pigs are balls of energy and need regular exercise and play time and you should let them out of their cage every day to explore the apartment and get some sweet loving in your lap. They’re perfect TV partners.

2. Parrots

Parrot Singing on Piano

Talented, adorable and clever, parrots are a lively and affectionate friend for life. With more than 350 different types of parrots, both large and small, ranging in color from green and red to reserved black and grey, there is a perfect parrot for everyone. These feathered friends need a large enough cage to fly short distances and need exercise and loving attention. And the best part is that the parrot rumors are true! Parrots really do have an uncanny skill to mimic voices and other sounds. Even your ringtone.

3. Chinchillas

Chinchilla Eating Cheerios

Chinchillas are so adorable and soft that you’ll never want to put this satin sensation down. The chinchilla’s super soft coat comes in white and charcoal grey. Chinchillas have small little front legs, bigger back legs, a bushy tail and live for up to 20 years. They’re super charming and love being held. Completely odorless, and needing only commercial pellets and fresh water, the Chinchilla is an ideal low-maintenance pet.

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4. Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish

This vibrantly colored beauty is a best bet for your apartment when you live with a roommate who isn’t too keen on having a pet. These shimmering Siamese Fighting Fish or “Bettas” like to swim solo and will fight each other. Make sure you keep the water clean, never removing more than a third of the water each time.

5. Bunny Rabbits

Baby Bunny Rabbit

We can’t even get into how achingly adorable bunny rabbits would be hopping around your apartment. Just looking at pictures of them bunny rabbiting around makes us want to grab them and hold them and love them forever! There’s even a rabbit island in Japan! Rabbits can be trained to come when called, use a litter box like a cat, and exercise on a leash! It’s like the amazing cuddly mix of a cat and a dog. With more than 60 breeds of rabbits, you can choose a small breed (some are even just 2lbs of awwww-inducing love) that you and your roommate can agree on. Rabbits need lots of exercise and shouldn’t be kept in a cage all day. You can train rabbits to hop around on a leash outside.

This guy even built a rabbit cart and trained his bunny to bring him beer!

 6. Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs, like fish, are adorable low maintenance pets for your apartment that won’t ruffle your roommates feathers. These active little guys are social and very active. Hermit Crabs love crawling on top of rocks, burrowing in the sand, and playing with their Hermit Crab friends. They’re nice to look at and add life to any dull apartment. You can feed them commercial food, fresh or salt water and even splurge on the occasional piece of fruit.

 7. Clownfish

Clownfish "Nemo"

For Nemo fans everywhere, having your own Clownfish can bring life and joy into your apartment. Not for the beginner aquarium enthusiast, caring for a Clownfish is a big responsibility and will set you back a few hundred dollars in setting up an appropriate salt-water environment. After setup, Clownfish are easy to take care of and both you and your roommate will love to keep this little guy swimming happily.

8.  Degus


Like Chinchillas, when we saw these smile-inducing bundles of joy we wanted to get one right away! Degus are very social little friends and become tame if handled from an early age. In addition to you and your roommate, Degus thrive best when kept with other Degus and are playful and curious. You’ll need a fairly large cage for them so they can get enough exercise.


9. Ferrets


Curious, loving and easy to potty train, Ferrets make great pets for small apartments. They’re more high-maintenance than other furry friends on this list, but they definitely have edge. Ferrets love to explore, so your roommate definitely needs to be on board or have to keep their door permanently closed.

10. Cactus

Cactus with Googly Eyes

Let’s be real. We all may want to have an exotic unbelievably adorable pet in our apartment, but for many of us a cactus may be the best bet. Your roommate won’t have any gripes about this one and you’ll definitely be able to take care of it. Look on the bright side, you can always pin on some googly eyes and give it a name!