Adorable Kitchen Gadgets

13 Adorable Kitchen Gadgets for Your Apartment

These kitchen accoutrements are fun additions to any kitchen. Your roommate will approve. List is not in any order.

#1 Diamond Ice Cube trays

Diamond Ice Cube Trays

Bling up your next party with these bad boys. For bonus roommate points consider making diamond jello shots!
Diamond Ice Cube Trays

#2 Steamship Steaming Lid

Steamship Steaming Lid

For the wanderlust cook in all of us.
Steam Ship Silicone Steaming Lid

#3 Skull-Shaped Egg Mold

Skull Egg Mold

Brunch with your roommate has never looked so devilishly delicious.
Egg-A-Matic Skull Egg Mold

#4 Custom Engraved Rolling Pins

Custom Engraved Rolling Pins

Your cookies will be anything but cookie cutter with these adorable laser engraved rolling pins. 
Vatek Laser Engraved Rolling Pins


#5 Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

These scissors pack five-times the herbal punch. Great for being an awesome roommate and cutting some chives over your roomie’s omelette.
Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

#6 Brain Freeze Ice Mold

Brain Freeze Ice Mold

Ice cubes worthy of the Walking Dead!
Brain Freeze Ice Mold

#7 Hot Man Trivet

Hot Man Trivet

Keep your counters cool with this adorable trivet (the thingy that protects your table from getting burned by hot items)

Hot Man Trivet

#8 Deep Tea Diver Tea Infuser

Deep Sea Diver Tea Infuser

Dive into a cup of herbal loveliness with this cute little deep tea diver.
Deep Tea Diver 

#9 Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker

Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker

This is almost as good as a double rainbow  sprinkler shaker!
Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker

#10 Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Grating has never been so fun with this cute little guy.
Hedgehog Cheese Grater

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#11 Panda Sandwich Stamp

Panda Sandwich Stamp

How adorable are these little sandwich cutters?
Panda Sandwich Cutters

#12 Mr. Tea Infuser

Mr. Tea Infuser Mr. Tea Infuser

Your best friend when steeping tea.
Mister Tea Silicone Tea Infuser

#13 Mitten Ice Thongs

Mitten Ice Thongs

Because good roommates don’t grab ice with their fingers.
Mitten-Wearing Ice Thongs