Amazing Small Apartment Design

Amazing Small Apartment Design

I never expected that so much can be done in such a small apartment.

For almost his entire life, Gary Chang has lived in the same 32-square meter (344 square feet) apartment. He moved into the shoe box apartment about 40 years ago with his parents and 3 younger sisters. They even rented out a room to a tenant.

The compact space was originally divided into a kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. Gary would sleep on the couch. In 1998, after his family left the apartment for a larger space, Gary paid $45,000 to have the space all to himself. This began his experimentation in small space design.

“It’s a small area,” says Gary. “But for us, small area means efficiency and user-friendliness.”

After Gary’s ingenious renovations, the cramped apartment of his childhood now resembles a modern open studio.  The studio apartment is “magically” transformed by pulling on handles on sliding walls that glide across steel tracks. Various room modes include a “maximum kitchen”, a guest bedroom, a library, dining room, laundry-room and even a spa complete with an extra-large Duravit bathtub. The home is hosts a wall-sized movie screen and  a massage area that doubles as a steam room.