Hack to Steal Your Roommate’s Pizza

Of course we believe that trust and honesty are the pillars of building every great roommate relationship. That said, there are times when you may have a case of the munchies for some reason or another and feel compelled to steal your roommate’s pizza. For this reason, we share with you the geometry magic that this video brings you on the ultimate pizza theft.

Getting caught could result in roommate armageddon and must be done like a ninja. This video will teach you a clever roommate hack that’ll let you have your pizza and eat it too! Ok, that was cheesy. Ba-dum-tssshh!

How to Steal a Pizza without Getting Caught

First, take one fresh unsliced pizza. Frozen ones that just came out of the oven will work best. Then cut two strips across the diameter (end to end of the circle in case you forgot from math class) of the pizza. Put the pieces back together and slice like normal. No one will know the difference… unless you get a little too greedy with the slicing. Good luck, ninja.