Noisy Neighbors

Ultimate NYC Guide to Noise Complaints

It’s 2:00 am on a Tuesday and the couple on the other side of your bedroom with the girl that screams so loud during sex that you’re dying to knock on their door and tell him that she’s faking it is going at it full volume. Maybe you’re sitting in your living room watching your show after a long day at the office while the bass from the upstairs-neighbor’s subwoofer is pumping out dust from the ceiling with every beat. It might even just be 9:12 am on Sunday morning while you’re trying to slip into your weekend yoga routine while the kids upstairs at 4B pummel your ceiling (and your plans to meditate) with a barrage of cartwheels, kicks, jumps and stomps. I’ll discuss below ways you can you get them to quiet down.

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Or maybe you’re the one having a get together to celebrate that promotion you just got and your next-door neighbor is threatening to call the cops if you don’t shut it down. Aren’t you allowed to have a get-together from time to time? As if your rent isn’t too high already that you can’t even enjoy where you live without your neighbors meddling in the affairs of your life. We’ll discuss what your rights are and what you can do to assuage your neighbors’ wrath.

In this three-part guide you’ll find out how to survive all that noise in the Big Apple. We’ll discuss where all the noise is coming from, how to deal with noisy neighbors without waging war, how to throw a party and get away with it and how to maneuver a noise complaint and get away scot-free when the NYPD is banging at your door.

Part 1: Who’s Making All That Noise?!

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