Ultimate Guide to NYC: Hélène Bellemare Heath

Insider Guide to NYC: Hélène Heath

Fashion blogger and stylista Hélène Heath shares her Insider New York favorites for New York living. Check out her blog, Fashion Over Reason. We’re huge fans. You can also follow her on Instagram and on Pinterest.

What’s your full name?
Hélène Heath

What neighborhood do you live in?
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

How long have you lived in NYC?
four years

Where are you from originally?

What do you do?
I wear many hats (good thing I have a hat face). I’m a style blogger and fashion consultant, but I also do personal styling when my schedule allows it.

Do you have a great “NYC moment” story?
I think it’s required to have a great New York story (or multiple ones) to be a New Yorker! One of my favorites is that I came here years ago to do an internship and had five days to find a place to live. I took to craigslist, as any self-respecting 23-year old would do, and while I saw a lot of dumps and weirdos, I also ended up finding the most amazing people that have become some of my best friends. I knew it the moment I walked in and their dog peed on me.

Living in NYC is living a life punctuated with amazing twists of fate and out-of-this-world moments. I’ll never forget the butterflies I felt when I first laid eyes on the Manhattan skyline, the perfect first date I had with my husband, the crazy people I encountered in the subway, the cheese pizza slices I ate curbside in random West Village streets at 4 AM, the kindness of a stranger who found my iPhone in the back of a cab and returned it to me, the many celebrity spottings while they’re just being regular people, my first Broadway show, eating my way through certain neighborhoods, learning about the fantastic gift to humanity that is Ricky’s, the joy of being able to get anything delivered at any given time of day, the cherry blossoms in Washington Square Park, moving to Brooklyn and complaining about Manhattan… I can go on for hours. It’s all a dream. But it’s also an awesome reality.

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Favorite neighborhood to walk the streets?
West Village

Favorite intimate haunt to meet an old friend?
The Marlton Hotel lobby

Best dive bar?
The Abbey in Williamsburg

Favorite romantic resto?
Maison Premiere in Williamsburg. Their patio is all romance.

Maison Premiere Williamsburg

Maison Premiere Williamsburg. Credit: Maison Premiere


Favorite park to stroll through?

Washington Square Park

Best area for binge shopping?

Best Bloody Mary?
Prune in the East Village

Favorite late-night grub spot after a long night?
Crif Dogs

Best place for a mani/pedi?
Primp and Polish on Driggs in Williamsburg

Best place to thrift shop?
Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea Fort Greene

Brooklyn Flea Fort Greene. Credit: Kate Glicksberg


Best hamburger?
Diner in Williamsburg

Favorite brunch spot?
Cafe Mogador

Best shoe shopping?

Favorite place to hear music?

Favorite NYC summer activities?
Happy hour on a terrace. Biking from Williamsburg to Dumbo and picnicking under the Brooklyn Bridge. Spending a Saturday afternoon at Governor’s Island. Smorgasburg on Saturdays. Outdoor concerts in various parks. Getting gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

Go-to place for dinner: Cafe Colette in Williamsburg.

Favorite Pizza: it’s a tie between Rubirosa in Nolita and Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint.

Best terrace: Northern Territory in Greenpoint.

Best place to spot a celebrity in their natural habitat: Anywhere in the West Village.

Favorite bagels: Murray’s.

Best Karaoke: Arlene’s Grocery.

Favorite classic NYC joint: the Spotted Pig.

Favorite tourist activity: walk the Highline and ride the East River Ferry.

NYC bucket list: Get tickets to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.