Air Plants

Hanging Air Plants

They’re fun, a conversation starter and fill your apartment with a curious elegance. Air plants, also known as Tillandsias, are an inexpensive way to breach life into your urban abode.  Hanging air plants bridge the world of architectural structure and horticulture and are easy and fun to create by yourself or with your roommate. You can hang them in a terrarium (the glass globe object), plant them in a mini-pot or even insert them into used wine-cork magnets and put them on your fridge.

Buying Air Plants

Air Plant Varieties

If you’re going to “do it yourself,” the best method of buying Air Plants is to visit your local plant store or greenhouse. They’ll be able to show you all of the different varieties of plants and give you some tips.  If you’re crunched for time or stuck behind your office computer, you can also find tons of links and resources online to buy air plants in ready-made kits. The kits range from classy to… a little less than classy. You can get an Air Plant multi-pack for about $15.

Do It Yourself Air Plant Projects

We’re going to do three simple step-by-step projects for preparing the Air Plants: Hanging Terrariums (or Terraria if you’re a classicist), Magnetic Wine Corks and Air Plant Centerpieces.

Hanging Air Plant Terrariums

Air Plant Terrarium

For this project you will need:

  • Air Plants
  • one (or many!) glass terrarium. You can buy them at your local green house, plant shop, hobby shop, home goods store, or even just buy one online.
  • rope or twine
  • decorative moss (optional, sand or smooth pebbles)
  • a screw with an o-ring
  1. First figure out where you would like to place the air plant terrarium. If you have marked a spot on the ceiling, you should then take the o-ring screw and screw it in. USE CAUTION, no one likes to fall off a chair while doing this, unless your roommate is filming it for youtube.
  2. place your Air Plant and decorative moss inside.
  3. insert the twine through the installed o-ring screw and pull to the desired length, cut and knot.

Done! Easy enough, right?

Magnetic Wine Cork Air Plants

Air Plant Wine Cork Magnets

This project is a little more advanced but still super easy and adorable.

For this project you will need:

  • Air Plants
  • Wine corks (one per air plant)
  • a small hand drill
  • a glue gun or epoxy glue
  • a small magnet
  1. first take the drill and carefully drill a hole half-way deep into the center of the top  of the cork
  2. apply glue to the face of the magnet and stick onto the cork. Let it sit for three minutes or until set.
  3. insert the Air Plant into the cork

Done! Still easy and pretty cool, didn’t we tell you!

Air Plant Centerpieces

Air Plant Centerpiece

Centerpieces made with Air Plants are a way to accent your living space while showing off your creative flare. You can go in so many directions, but the best ones are when you take a great conversation piece or powerful object and integrate an Air Plant to give the piece a biological dimension. Be creative!

Caring for Air Plants

Just because they don’t need soil doesn’t meant that Air Plants don’t need water and nutrients. Before starting your projects, it’s best to soak the plants in filtered water for about 30 minutes. Allow them to completely dry before introducing them into their new environments. You should mist them with a spay bottle every couple of days and never drench the Air Plants. Their roots should not be left to sit in water for long periods of time.

Air Plants are best kept in bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will dry these babies out and should be avoided.

If well kept, your Air Plant will have “pups!” We’re not kidding about this one (that’s what they’re actually called). After the pup grows to be about a third of the size of the mama plant, then you can gently separate them and give the little pup a new home to call his own.