Gay Roommate

Should I Live With a Gay Roommate?

Guys, if you’re straight and asking if you should live with a gay roommate, most likely the answer in your head is already no. You probably think that you’ll have nothing in common and it’ll just be awkward. You may even be thinking that he might try to turn you gay.

We know the that best roommates are like-minded people with mutual respect and understanding for each others’ needs and boundaries. Exactly what a like-minded roommate is, however, depends on who you ask. Sure, someone’s sexuality is a big part of who they are, but lots of people would be surprised to find out just how well gays and straights can get along as roommates with tons of shared interests.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Live with a Gay Roommate

  1. He’ll mess up your apartment and make it ugly
    Gay Interior Design

    I mean, honestly, everyone knows that most gay guys have a horrible sense of style. If you lived with this guy you’d never be able to invite people over to your Freshman-dorm-inspired bro pad. Dude, interior designers are all straight, right?

  2. He’ll never give you style advice and make you look your best before a date

    How Do I Look? Fabulous!

    Everyone knows that gay guys have no sense of style and would never help you look your best for that girl you’re trying to impress. You’ve obviously never seen “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” dude.

  3. He’ll never listen to what’s going on with you or lend you a shoulder

    Cheer Up, Bro!

    A gay roommate would never listen when you need to let off steam after a tough day. Because gays are generally bad listeners with no social skills and never know how to show you a good time and get you out of a rut. Just try talking to some gays and see how much support you’ll get, bro. 😉

  4. Gays & Straights Have Nothing in Common

    That’s right. All gays are exactly the same and they’re only concerned about their sexuality. You’ll have absolutely no shared likes, interests, TV shows, movies or taste in music with a gay roommate. Because everyone knows that all straight dudes are carbon copies of one another with exactly the same personality.

    Find a Like-Minded Roommate

  5. You’ll walk in on him having sex

    Surprised Face Home Alone
    Because it’s never awkward when a bro walks in on his straight roommate having sex on the couch in the living room, right?

  6. He’ll just talk about gay stuff all the time

    Gay guys have nothing to ever talk about except for gay stuff. They have no other interests like school, work, hobbies, politics, movies, friends, family, your relationship issues, what to make for dinner or anything else that people like to talk about. Besides, we all know how unbearable it is to listen to anything anyone else ever has to say except for exactly what you’re interested in.

  7. People will think you’re gay

    Are You Gay?
    It’s true! Anyone who would live with, be friends with, or even just hang out or talk to a gay guy has to be gay, bro! Just like how anyone who lives with, is friends with or even talks to a unicorn is probably one too. Because that makes perfect sense! Not.

  8. Your friends won’t like you anymore

    Gay Roommate

    If you have a gay roommate none of your bros will like you anymore. They’ll probably all run away from you and never talk to you again, because those are the kinds of friends that you want to keep around.

  9. He’ll steal your girlfriend

    Gay Roommate Stole Girlfriend

    Gay guys are notorious for trying to steal straight guys’ girlfriends. They might even take your girlfriend shopping, to get coffee or even to get pedicures together! Yeah, gay guys make the worst roommates.

  10. You’ll turn gay

    Can't Make a Straight Guy Gay

    Bro, if you’re straight, chances are you’ll stay that way… even if you have a hot gay roommate. If you think that a gay roommate would turn you gay, you should probably be questioning your own sexuality, not his. Dudes, you might be surprised by some Platonic bromance with your gay roommate.

So now you get it, bros… GAY GUYS MAKE AWESOME ROOMMATES! Well, just as awesome as everyone else. You should just them on an individual basis and see if you click. Find out what you have in common–you’ll probably be very surprised.

Take Kacey for example, who lived with not one, but two gay roommates! And yes, dudes, he is completely straight. He talks about all the perks of living with them and how they all get along well.