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Oldest Surviving Footage of NYC

New York tops the list as the most photographed city in the world, but have you seen the oldest footage of the Big Apple? It’s a treat to see video of the way things were in this constantly changing city where it seems that restaurants that just opened yesterday have already shuttered their doors before you even had a chance to score a reservation.Find a Like-Minded Roommate

Compilation of Oldest Video Footage of NYC

Celebrities Riding the Subway

Celebrities Riding the NYC Subway

You’re bound to run into celebrities when roaming the streets of New York City, but did you think you’d actually ride the subway with them? Here is a list of celebrities who are cool enough to ride the NYC subway with the rest of us.

Keanu Reeves Giving Up His Seat on a Crowded Q Train

Tom Hanks Riding the NYC Subway like a Champ

Tom Hanks seen riding the subway

Credit: Nigny—Splash News/Corbis

Tom Hanks riding the New York subway on January 22, 2015.

Katie Holmes Riding the Subway to Rehearsals

Katie Holmes Riding the Subway to rehearsals for "Dead Accounts" in Manhattan.

Credit: Splash News / JosiahW

Katie Holmes Riding the Subway to rehearsals for “Dead Accounts” on October 15, 2012.

Mariah Carey Arriving to a Gala in Style on the 1 Train

Mariah Carey Riding the Subway to a Gala

Credit: Instagram/@mariahcarey

Mariah Cary not only rode the subway to a New York gala on May 29, 2014, but also took the time to post it on her Instagram account “Glimpses of our joyride on the 1 train #subwayincouture,”


Sir Ian McKellen waits for the subway in New York

Sir Ian McKellen waits for the subway

Credit: Splash News / Asadorian-Mejia

Just because he’s been knighted doesn’t mean that the talented Sir Ian McKellen is too good to take the subway. October 25, 2013 in New York City

Cool Mom Naomi Watts Taking Her Kids to School on the Subway

Naomi Watts Riding the New York Subway with Alexander Schreiber and Samuel Schreiber on their way to school

Credit: Splash News/Corbis

Naomi Watts Riding the New York Subway on Oct. 24, 2013 with her boys Alexander & Samuel on their way to school.

Sarah Jessica Parker Walking through the West 4th St. Subway Station

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes the Subway in New York City

Marquez—Splash News/Corbis

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes the Subway in New York City on April 9, 2014.

Helen Mirren Looking Gorgeous on the R Train

Helen Mirren Riding the NYC Subway

Credit: Instagram user j_l_nyc

Helen Mirren having a seat on the R train in New York City on Jan. 30, 2015

Kevin Bacon Riding the Subway

Kevin Bacon rides the subway in New York City

Credit: Splash News

Kevin Bacon rides the subway in April 2012 in New York City.

Drew Barrymore Painting Her Nails on the New York Subway

Drew Barrymore paints her nails on the New York subway.

Credit: Instagram/drewbarrymore

Cool girl Drew Barrymore paints her nails and puts on makeup while riding on a packed NYC subway.

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Nick Offerman Riding the C Train in New York

Nick Offerman on the C train

Credit: Georgia Kral

Nick Offerman taking the C train in December 2014.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Husband Justin Mikita Waiting for the Subway

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Waiting for Subway

Credit: Splash News

Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family”, left, waits for the subway with his husband Justin Mikita at the Spring Street stop in SoHo.

Elizabeth Olsen waits for the C train

Elizabeth Olsen waits for the C train

Credit: Splash News / Marquez

Actress Elizabeth Olsen waiting for the C train on September 5, 2013 in New York City.

Taylor Kitsch Waiting for the Subway

Taylor Kitsch takes the subway in NYC

Splash News/Corbis

Taylor Kitsch takes the subway in NYC on Nov. 15, 2014.

Willie Garson Riding the Subway

Willie Garson Riding Subway

Credit: Andrew Kirk

We’re not sure if Stanford Blatch from “Sex and the City” would ever ride the subway, but Willie Garson who played him on the show was seen riding the L train.

Rent is Too Damn High Cover

NYC Rent Really IS Too Damn High!

Jimmy McMillan was (and continues to be) right, the rent really is too damn high! Your bank accounts have probably noticed that New York City rents have risen faster than inflation during the past three years. According to new figures from the Census Bureau survey on NYC Housing and Vacancy, the relentless NYC housing squeeze shows no signs of releasing its greedy clutches.  Although Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning on building more dense and affordable housing, it may not come soon enough for many NYC renters.

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NYC Rents Outpace Inflation

Average NYC Rent Increase 2015

New York is a city of renters. In fact, two out of every three homes in NYC is a rental. In the past three years, NYC rents outpaced inflation. The median rent from 2011 to 2014 rose 3.4%, after adjusting for inflation, to $1,200 a month. When we factor in utility costs, the median rose 4.3%, to $1,325. Although the rent jumped by 4.3%, the median household income rose by only 1.1%.

The median rent in 2014 was $1,500 for market-rate apartments, $1,200 for rent-stabilized units, $900 for rent-controlled homes and $583 for other apartments, a category that includes public housing.

If that’s not depressing enough, the survey shows that 30% of NYC renters are “severely rent burdened,” which in layman’s terms means that a person’s rent is more than 50% of the household income. Ouch.


Manhattan Rental Market Stats 2014-2015

(face rent) Jan-15 %Chg (Yr) Jan-14
Average Rental Price $3,974 4.6% $3,800
Rental Price per Square Foot $53.44 6.1% $50.37
Median Rental Price $3,299 5.9% $3,114
Number of New Rentals 4,206 40.2% 2,999
Days of Market (From Orig. List Date) 58 -4.9% 61
Listing Discount (From Orig. List Price) 1.8% 3.6%
Listing Inventory 5,498 8.2% 5,080
Vacancy Rate 2.43% 1.81%


NYC Frozen Featured

Frozen NYC Harbor

Beautiful aerial photography shot of the frozen NYC harbor.

Frozen NYC Harbor Aerial Photography

You can see the full frozen NYC harbor video on CBS News.