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Ultimate NYC Guide to Noise Complaints: Part 1

Part 1: Who’s Making All That Noise?! New York City is Called “The City that Never Sleeps” for a Reason. Crowned as the most densely populated city with a population of more than 100,000 people in America, New York City packs in a staggering 27,016.3 people per square mile. Squeezed into apartments like stacks of sardines, New Yorker’s have no choice […]

Ultimate NYC Guide to Noise Complaints

It’s 2:00 am on a Tuesday and the couple on the other side of your bedroom with the girl that screams so loud during sex that you’re dying to knock on their door and tell him that she’s faking it is going at it full volume. Maybe you’re sitting in your living room watching your show after a long day […]

The Foodnited States of America

O’er the land of the FREEEEEEE and home of Swissconsin! Say WHAT? That’s right, I said “Swissconsin,” or would you like some Cransas instead? We could go on, but we’ll let these punny pictures do the talking instead. We bring you “The Foodnited States of America” by Chris Durso of Foodiggity. The mouthwatering photo series  was the […]

Should I Live With a Gay Roommate?

Guys, if you’re straight and asking if you should live with a gay roommate, most likely the answer in your head is already no. You probably think that you’ll have nothing in common and it’ll just be awkward. You may even be thinking that he might try to turn you gay. We know the that best […]

Oldest Surviving Footage of NYC

New York tops the list as the most photographed city in the world, but have you seen the oldest footage of the Big Apple? It’s a treat to see video of the way things were in this constantly changing city where it seems that restaurants that just opened yesterday have already shuttered their doors before […]

Celebrities Riding the NYC Subway

You’re bound to run into celebrities when roaming the streets of New York City, but did you think you’d actually ride the subway with them? Here is a list of celebrities who are cool enough to ride the NYC subway with the rest of us. Keanu Reeves Giving Up His Seat on a Crowded Q Train […]

NYC Rent Really IS Too Damn High!

Jimmy McMillan was (and continues to be) right, the rent really is too damn high! Your bank accounts have probably noticed that New York City rents have risen faster than inflation during the past three years. According to new figures from the Census Bureau survey on NYC Housing and Vacancy, the relentless NYC housing squeeze shows no signs of […]

Case of the Chillingly Cheap Roommate at Michigan U

“Back in 2004-2005, I was a senior at University of Michigan.  My roommate was a girl, lets call her “C***ball”, and she was my best friend.  We had a great time living together, until winter rolled around.  Being tight on cash, since she spent all her money on weed, beer, and pizza, she complained about […]

Hanging Air Plants

They’re fun, a conversation starter and fill your apartment with a curious elegance. Air plants, also known as Tillandsias, are an inexpensive way to breach life into your urban abode.  Hanging air plants bridge the world of architectural structure and horticulture and are easy and fun to create by yourself or with your roommate. You can hang […]