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29 Must-Have Cooking & Baking Infographics

This collection of 29 kitchen guides and infographics is the ultimate in cooking cheat-sheets. They’re all so well done and informative that we even printed one out to put on the kitchen wall! Cooking Formula for a Simple Vinaigrette   10 Easy Homemade Soups How to Store Your Groceries When Are Fruits in Season? How […]

13 Adorable Kitchen Gadgets for Your Apartment

These kitchen accoutrements are fun additions to any kitchen. Your roommate will approve. List is not in any order. #1 Diamond Ice Cube trays Bling up your next party with these bad boys. For bonus roommate points consider making diamond jello shots! Diamond Ice Cube Trays #2 Steamship Steaming Lid For the wanderlust cook in all […]

Living with a Vegan Roommate

First, let it be said that it’s completely possible for a vegan and a carnivore to be able to live together in perfect roommate harmony. These diet-discordant roommate couples have found work-arounds to make amends with their clashing lifestyles and remain great roommates. That being said, many vegans prefer to live exclusively with other vegans or vegetarians in an […]